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Lighting Fires and Burning Nerves: A Teacher's Tale

Hey there, fellow wanderers in the world of education! As we gear up to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, I couldn't help but ponder the fascinating dichotomy of our noble profession: the delicate art of lighting the flame of learning in our students while simultaneously feeling like our last nerve is about to burst into flames.

Picture this: a classroom buzzing with excitement, minds thirsty for knowledge, and a teacher armed with enthusiasm and a mountain of lesson plans. It's a beautiful scene, isn't it? Ah, but let's not forget the less picturesque moments, like when you've carefully gone over the directions, repeated the directions, and provided a written list of the directions, only for the kiddo up front to raise her hand and ask, "What are we doing again?" You can practically feel your patience sizzling away like a marshmallow on a bonfire.

But fear not, dear educators, for amidst the chaos and occasional hair-pulling moments, there lies a beacon of hope: the humble teacher appreciation candle. Yes, you heard that right. Move over, lavender-scented relaxation candles; it's time for a Teacher's Last Nerve Is on Fire candle to shine.

Of course, due to fire codes, you won't actually be able to burn it in school, but that's not really the point now is it? The point is to take a gigantic, dramatic whiff of the candle before answering, "What are we doing? We are working to preserve my final nerve, that's what we're doing. Please read the board."

That little bit of sanity-saving humor is well worth the price tag of this candle, so go ahead and buy them in bulk. Hand them out at Back to School Night, Christmas, and Teacher Appreciation week. Trust me, you're going to want plenty of them within easy reach the closer you get to summer.


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