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Guess who's back...

I love me some John Oliver. When his show is on hiatus, I obsessively check and recheck my HBO app in a futile hope that somehow, by some answered miracle, he has chosen to return early from his winter break. When I finally found a new episode last weekend, I was giddy with anticipation of what awaited me upon the click of that play button. November 8th to February 14th was an entire lifetime to wait, but at last I was about to reap my reward. As I pointed the remote at the screen, somewhere in the back of my teacher brain I found myself wondering: Do students feel the same way about returning to school after a long break that I do about getting to watch a new Last Week Tonight after a few months of deprivation? Perhaps they do. Though somehow I doubt John has ever had to defend his salary to people who downplay his work ethic and contributions value because he gets a 3 month "vacation".

And for anyone out there interested in hearing about teaching from an arguably outsider viewpoint, I've always found this article to be enlightening.


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