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Gooey Goodness

After shoveling the driveway or, rather, I should say scraping the driveway as it was a layer of crystal sugar show over frozen sleet, I knew that I deserved a delicious treat for my efforts. But, I was cold and tired, and not up for baking. Enter the mini waffle maker. Here's how you too can make an easy s'mores dupe: grab some common pantry items: peanut butter, tortilla, chocolate (could be chips or mini bars like I used) and some mini marshmallows. Spread the tortilla with the peanut butter, then add the chocolate and marshmallows and fold in fourths. Put in waffle maker and heat until you see the ingredients start to melt. If you don't have a mini waffle maker, you can heat it in a pan instead. Then enjoy your gooey delicious bite of heaven.


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